Surprising to say the least – a nut that has been part of our lives for years and years – and yet – like a lot of other nuts – is taken for granted...our Christmas table wouldn’t be the same without them, our date loaf just wouldn’t taste the same, but stop!

Have a little read and appreciate the goodness they contain and the health benefits they can give to you and your loved ones...

The simple walnut

This unassuming nut is richer in omega 3s than salmon, has more anti inflammatory polyphenols* than red wine and contains half as much muscle building protein than chicken, they also prevent premature aging and help stop cancer, among other ailments. A serving of walnuts, roughly seven, will do you good anytime but especially as a post workout recovery nibble. It is also a heart friendly snack, containing mono unsaturated fat - it could reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering the level of bad cholesterol. They also help maintain heart rhythms and reduce the risk of blood clots in the arteries.

*What are Polyphenols

A group of chemicals found in several fruits, vegetables and plants such as berries, walnuts, grapes olives and tea leaves – also known as antioxidants meaning they remove free radicals from the body – free radicals are chemicals that cause damage to tissues and cells. Polyphenols have an assortment of potential health benefits which include cancer prevention and also reducing the risk of heart disease.