The reason we are putting this article on our site is see a lot of our friends and friends of friends are asking us what the difference is between juicing and blending (smoothie) – so what better place to start than at the beginning...

We have been blending (sometimes juicing) for a number of years now and the benefits that we have experienced with our energy levels and optimal health in general are simply amazing.

Juicing vs. Blending

Blending is when we completely combine the whole fruit and vegetable into a luscious green, creamy smoothie – these are normally made in a blender – now juicing is when we take out the liquid of the whole fruit and vegetable only – this is done in a special juicing machine – with this process the fibre is completely removed. So reading the above we note that smoothies, with all their delicious fibre, are a complete food, whereas juices (minus the fibre) are not. Fibre not only slows down sugar absorption but is of utmost importance for our overall health, as it helps our digestive system work perfectly and is also food for our gut’s friendly bacteria – so why get rid of it in the first place? They are not only super delicious but so quick to make.

Later on we’ll jot down some recipes for you to try out and you can discover for yourselves just how easy they are to prepare.

Smoothies also have another advantage over juicing, they are filling and very satisfying and longer time lapses until the hunger pangs start hitting in – this is all due to the fibre and other nutrients that would otherwise be lost if we had to juice.

So if you want to lose those stubborn pounds that will not shift, smoothies are certainly the answer as you can swap a lunch or dinner for this beautiful green concoction, feeling full and completely satisfied for longer, you won’t even feel like nibbling!

So what about juicing?

The Gerson Institute recommends 104oz of freshly produced, organic, plant juice as part of their therapy, for their patients who are curing themselves from cancer...if you had to drink the same amount in smoothies there would be much too much bulk and for those who are curing themselves from an illness hardly have an appetite in the first place, plus they need their nutrients over bulk.