It is interesting to note that out of nearly 7 billion people on this planet, more than 1 billion are overweight and 300 million are obese. This contributes to numerous health concerns leading to type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease - and surprisingly enough this also causes global warming!

As far back as time itself the search for eternal youth continues, and it winds through religion, mythology, fiction and poetry – but whilst living forever is not possible the expectancy of long lives is steadily increasing as is people's interest in choosing to live healthier lifestlyles.

Health & Nutrition

Everyone jumps onto their bathroom scales and tries to will the number down, even just a teeny weeny bit – but please don’t give up, here are a few simple tips to urge you to start on a weight loss plan, not only for that little black dress you have hanging in your wardrobe - but permanently!

Drink water

To keep yourself hydrated water is the best beverage you can drink, especially if you are watching your calorie intake – so if you are in the habit of drinking juice, (depending on the size of the glass) you could easily consume 100 to 200 calories in just a few gulps! So eating your fruit instead of dinking it out of a carton will not only make you feel much healthier but you will also consume fewer calories. Also try not to touch any soda drinks either as this will save you a few hundred calories a day as well. Carrying a bottle of water during the day will encourage you to drink it instead of craving for sweetened drinks.

Don’t skip breakfast

People are under this false notion that by skipping breakfast their weight will go down, or else they are so rushed in the morning they have little time to prepare anything, but studies have shown that people who do manage breakfast are more able to control their weight than those who skip it altogether – in fact skipping a meal only ends up with an increased caloric intake, more so than if we just ate more frequently during the course of the day. If a meal is skipped our bodies will think we are in starvation mode and our metabolism slows down automatically. (Unless fasting - more of this coming soon)

No temptations

Remove any temptations that might be lurking in your kitchen. Go through your cupboards and fridge and get rid of any junk foods you see – like chocolates, sugared drinks, biscuits or cakes and any other processed or baked items. Replace them with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and be adventurous and bake some of the healthy goodies given to you on this site. Don’t forget to replace your ‘white’ food – like pasta, rice, bread and flours with whole wheat varieties – also get to know your labels and take the time to read what ingredients are actually in your food.

Vitamins & colour

Make sure you fill your plate with brightly coloured and dark green vegetables, as these are jam packed with vitamins and antioxidants which will help you lose the weight you so want to come off. These vegetables are also high in fibre and hence more filling – and the bonus is they are very low in calories to help you on the way to a slimmer waistline – and a stomach filled with vegetables is less likely to want to binge on meats and desserts later on.

Full means Stop

Do not continue to put mouthfuls of food into your stomach if you feel full. Our body is capable of sending messages to our brain when we have over indulged, so stop eating when you are full. Some people overeat just to finish what’s on their plate, if there are any guilty feelings about waste simply organise a doggie bag or leave it for later. Note: teach your child at a young age to listen to their body and to stop eating when they are full.

Sweetened drinks

Colas, fruit juices, coffees and teas may satisfy your thirst, but you are taking in loads of empty calories that will not fill you up, so you will not eat less – by simply cutting out a bottle or can of cola you will lose up to 15 pounds a year! And these zero calorie drinks offer no nutritional value either they are just water with artificial sweeteners and caffeine.