A little history...

We came across this super food quite a few months ago and wanted to share their beneficial qualities with the world! But let’s start with spreading the word to you...


Chaga mushrooms are actually known as the medicinal mushroom and they grow on decaying birch trees. They are known to prevent ailments that include, among others, cancer, tumours, flu and lyme disease. Quite a large market has developed amongst herbalists and farmers for this special mushroom, which has been used as a super food in Russia for centuries. One can purchase it mainly in health stores and bought in the form of a tea or tinctures.

David Wolfe stated that

‘’this fungus is rich in antioxidant power and can induce apoptosis, the spontaneous breakdown of cancer cells. It can also squelch the strong oxidative damage to healthy tissue caused by radioactive chemotherapy’’.

It has a long list of benefits to the human body and has been found to support a better functioning of your immune system – it is a great anti-inflammatory and helps protect the body from infection. It has also been reported that people with gastrointestinal problems found it to be highly beneficial and also individuals with joint pain have reported an improvement in their mobility.

Chaga is said to have the highest level of anti oxidant of any food in the world – and the active constituents of these mushrooms are a mix of amino acids, dietary fibre, enzymes, flavonoids, iron, vit B1, B2, B3, D2, Vit K and zinc, and many, many more that I could mention.

Another interesting point is that not only is this mushroom powerful, it also contains the life force of trees...the most amazing living beings on this planet – they can live up to 10,000 years – sometimes even more. They can only be harvested from birch trees – as these trees are the only ones that contain betulinic acid that has a wide range of biological effects including a powerful antitumour activity.

We purchase our Chaga Herbal Mushroom Beverage in the form of a very fine powder, which is individually packed into sachets. They are easy to take, and taste pleasant – you can also use them in any cold beverage, mix with your favourite smoothy or use in baking, cooking and in raw food meals. They are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and contain no preservatives or additives. They boost the immune system, fight pathogens and contain one of nature’s highest amounts of SODs – the most potent antioxidant enzymes in the human body. A serving of one sachet per day is a very effective dose to start off with – then you can adjust accordingly to your needs – there is no risk of overdosing as these mushrooms are a tonic through and through.

Note: do try not to pour boiling liquids straight over this magical powder as this will kill some of the properties – I normally pour a little room temperature water to dissolve the powder and then add hot water or fruit juice...or whatever takes your fancy !