I fondly remember the long talks my mother and I had about ‘the good old days’ when she was young – and I hung onto every word about the food they managed to prepare on very little income...and one of these recipes was bone broth.

Apparently both my grandmothers and then my mother made this delicious and very nutritious broth out of chicken or beef bones or any other animal bones for that matter – I discovered in those days it was much easier to walk into your local butcher and ask for them – especially marrow bones – which they gave you with your purchase of meat – alas these days it is slightly more difficult to obtain these precious items, unless, that is you venture into the nearby villages.

Ok, looking at these bones, you‘d probably think to yourself that they have nothing, whatsoever to offer in terms of taste and nourishment. However the reality is that these bones contain a treasure trove of: essential nutrients: gut healing proteins: they are anti inflammatory: contain healthy fats and loads of minerals – and the only way we can get into these bones, to extract the goodness, so beneficial to our well–being, is by cooking them.

How to make Bone Broth

So the first step toward making this precious liquid is to get some bones – any bones will do – necks, knuckles or even tails would be great – chicken bones are easily accessible from your own kitchen or even the bone from your last beef roast will do beautifully. Marrow bones are one of my favourites, so do try and get these whenever possible. Now to start the cooking process, quite a few people I spoke to like roasting these bones slightly to ooze out their full flavour – prior to boiling – but as time is limited in our household I tend to ...

Throw everything into a large saucepan, cover with water – add 2 large tablespoons cider vinegar or lemon juice (this helps draw all minerals out of the bones besides adding an amazing flavour) and bring to a boil – reduce to a simmer – a type of foam will appear on the surface, this can be scooped off and thrown away. Obviously the time you let this broth simmer depends on the bones you have, chicken bones will manage a 6 – 8 hour simmer –fish bones a couple of hours, any larger, denser bones like marrow bones etc.. can be left to simmer for at least 24 hours, always adding water as needed. Remember the longer you cook a broth the more nutrients you get of the bones.

Some people like adding vegetable – we don’t bother as we love drinking it plain – the only thing we do throw in is a good coarse salt – we love using Himalayan. When simmering is over, let the broth cool down and remove any large bones you can – the rest of the smaller bones can be removed by putting through a sieve.

The broth can be used right away just by simply drinking it – I love putting a dash of lemon juice into mine or else you can put it into the fridge until you are ready to use it – I sometimes let it cool completely and freeze – I use it for steaming our veggies (gives added flavour), adding to gravies or soups or for cooking our rice for an amazing risotto! It makes an amazing base for any soups or stews you decide to cook. Below I’m just jotting down some of the benefits of this golden elixir – We hope you take note and get those bones cooking – after a couple of weeks of drinking it daily you will feel such a difference that you will be simmering it every day and night!


Many of today’s ailments are due to inflammation in the body – so the amino acids found in bone broth have a tremendous anti-inflammatory effect – which also help with the common cold and the flu virus as the broth actually keeps the immune system strong. It is also important to mention that broth contains glucosamine – a supplement bought by thousands to help with joint pain – just by drinking this daily you are dealing with your pain naturally and benefitting your joints immensely


An amino acid that inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses in cells – this in turn helps you to sleep and feel better and also improves memory

Essential building blocks

For stronger bones

Heals the gut

Just a glass a day works wonders for the leaky gut syndrome simply because the gelatine found in bones literally helps seal up the holes in your intestines which in turn will help to cure constipation and diarrhoea and a whole host of other health problems that leaky gut can lead to

Strengthens Digestion

It was found that gelatine improved digestion by lining the mucous membrane of the intestinal tract, thus stopping any further damage...and bone broth contains gelatine as well - The best bone broths end up looking like jelly after they have cooled down – this is perfect and only proves you have cooked it well...

Supports the immune system

Bone marrow strengthens the immune system – and it is interesting to note that a Harvard study showed that some people with auto-immune disorders experienced a relief of symptoms when drinking bone broth, with some even achieving complete remission.


Bone broth has collagen in abundance - and what better way to consume it than by drinking this delicious golden liquid – the benefits you notice to your skin, nails and hair is enough to get you simmering!

So get simmering

It really is a piece of cake to make – all you have to do is go buy those bones, give them a good scrub and start them simmering...I promise that once you feel the benefits, your kitchen will always and I mean always, have a saucepan cooking those precious bones...