My Why

There is absolutely nothing stronger in this world than a mother’s love... no lengths a mother wouldn’t go to, to do what is right for her child and this is what gave me the inspiration to be part of this site, to ensure the correct information gets out there in a simple, uncomplicated way.

It came to me gradually, that as much as the experiences, the positive as well as the negative, are going towards forming the character and personality of the adult my son will one day grow into, so too will the food I feed him today form the physical body of the man he will become.

How simple is that? It is so simple a truth, one which most people today are failing to see, either due to the great marketing strategies that huge companies spend millions on each year, or simply for convenience sake. Let’s face it, it is very tempting in today’s rushed world to rip open a packet of something to fill hungry tummies, yet in reality, with a little planning and a well stocked larder and fridge, it really doesn’t have to take long to prepare a wholesome, nutritious meal. I really hope that with the simple, yet delicious recipes we are putting on this site, we will encourage people to prepare nourishing dishes.

I also hope that this site will make more people realise that we need to take responsibility of our own wellbeing by learning to cultivate healthier lifestyles for ourselves and our families, which include a healthy, positive mind, fresh nutritious food, a good dose of exercise, fresh air and sunshine.

But yes, going back to ‘the truth’, we really are what we eat, of course the body is designed to grow – but if we don’t put the right foods into it then it will just never reach its full potential.