A little history and info...

Sweet potatoes have been around for a very long time – dating back to750 BCE (before Christian era) and were discovered by none other than Columbus. Believe it or not there are about 400 different varieties of sweet potato – they differ by the colour of their skin or flesh, ranging from yellow, orange to pink or purple and even yellow.

They can be baked or steamed and quickly if possible as they do tend to develop dark spots due to oxidation. They are a tasty alternative to the white potato and are delicious baked with just a drizzle of ghee or coconut oil and rosemary – or they can even be steamed and enjoyed with splodges of ghee or butter and black pepper... Sweet potato chips (using coconut oil) are a delicious snack and are absolutely healthy too. So why do they have such a beautiful orange colour? They are just showing us that they are packed with beta-carotene – a strong antioxidant that protects cells against oxidation damage – it is also converted by our bodies into vitamin A – one serving rivals that of green leafy vegetables and gives us 76% of the daily value per serving – and the only food that contains more vitamin A is several ounces of liver!!! Added to this sweet potatoes have more than three times as much antioxidant activity than a type of blueberry. Although they contain high sugar content it is surprising that this nutritious food is able to regulate blood sugar.

Remember moderation is always good – so never overdose as some varieties are high in fructose.