Give your taste buds a treat and still keep it healthy!

Our pick of the week recipes, just for you!



Bone Broth

I fondly remember the long talks my mother and I had about ‘the good old days’ when she was young – and about the food they managed to prepare on very little income...


Healthy Breakfast

I count myself lucky being an early riser as preparing breakfast for the family is no chore – in fact I really enjoy it. I can almost hear myself cackle as I chop squeeze, layer and mix ...


Turmeric, Bicarb and Coconut Oil Toothpaste

We drank it all through our cold, wet winter months mixed with honey and milk, we’ve put it on our face with yoghurt and coconut oil...


Dairy & Gluten Free Chocolate Easter Eggs

This Easter we made up our minds to make our own Easter eggs using...


Mango & Walnut Cake

Sugar & Gluten Free, we have baked it several times, and according to my family, not enough times...

Chocolate Crunchies

As my son always says to me as he’s happily nibbling away “mummy, how can anything taste so good?”



Oats – One Nutritious Food

Porridge is amazingly nutritious, as you will see for yourself in this article. Not only does it contain multiple...


Chaga Mushrooms

We came across this super food quite a few months ago and wanted to share their beneficial qualities with the world! But let’s start with...


Juicing vs. Blending

We have been blending (sometimes juicing) for a number of years now and the...


Rebecca Vella

aka Aunty Oxiodant, explains why she started finding out more about what we eat...

Ricky Vella

What made me veer toward health and holistic living I wonder sometimes...because as far back...

Sasha Vella

I have always loved my food and thoroughly enjoy cooking. So when our site was just a twinkle in ...